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The APR on short term online loans varies from 5.99% - 35.99% depending on lender and how the interest rate is calculated, the duration and amount of loan, late and non-payment fees, and other possible fees and factors.

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Welcome to Same Day Loans

Payday loans are a popular type of cash advance approved by law in some states. Their main advantage is the ease of access to funds. Borrowers find it easier to qualify and receive the money in their accounts compared to traditional loans. Delaware allows payday loans under the Small Loan Act or Licensing Law. Other than abiding by the common rules for short-term loans, payday lenders must act according to the specific regulations for the state of Delaware. Residents typically request this type of cash advance to pay for unexpected expenses. Some common examples of emergency issues are car repair, paying the bills, buying groceries.

How to Qualify

In Delaware, same-day payday loans are available to residents who are 18 and older. The applicants need to have a steady source of income. Loan providers normally ask for proof of income. That can be either pay stubs from your job or a confirmation of any government payment that you receive. Other than that, you will need to provide your contact details, such as a valid email address and phone number. The online application process is simple and hassle-free.

Use Payday Loans For:

  • Urgent car repairs.
  • Lost wages from an illness or injury.
  • Unexpected medical bills.
  • Emergency travel costs, like traveling to a funeral or a seriously ill relative.
  • Expenses needed for starting a new job, like new clothing or a transit pass.
  • Christmas or birthday gifts for special people and family.
  • Paying a security deposit on a new flat or rental home.
  • Paying a bill that’s surprisingly large (like an electric bill that suddenly spiked up by a large amount).
  • Covering a paycheck gap; i.e., if a bill will be past-due before your paycheck arrives, the fees from an online cash advance might be lower than the late fee from bill.
  • Paying to move to a new home.

Don’t Use Payday Loans For:

  • Investment in a business (for this purpose business loans exist!);
  • Traveling for fun;
  • Going to parties / restaurants / entertainment;
  • Buying new gadgets, kitchen supplies (this stuff can wait until better times);
  • Unnecessary gifts for birthdays / holidays (try to do DIY gifts in that case);
  • New clothes / shoes / jewelry / watches;
  • Home improvement (if it’s not urgent, better use unsecured personal loans);
  • GYM / Leisure memberships (use home workout routines);
  • Purchase of a car (better buy new cars with auto loans);
  • Covering other debts;
  • Any other needs / things that might really wait and are unnecessary / not urgent now!;

Loan Amount

By law, you can borrow up to $1,000 in payday loans on the territory of Delaware. The minimal amount depends on the lender. Borrowers typically take sums starting from $50 or $100. Official regulations do not impose a minimal sum, leaving it to the discretion of the loan companies. While you cannot take another cash advance before closing the previous one, you can have up to 4 rollovers for each loan.

Credit Score

Same day loans application You don’t need to have a minimum credit score to qualify for a payday loan. Generally, these lenders accept applications, even with bad credit, and don’t run hard credit checks. In other words, they don’t pull your credit records from the three main credit bureaus. For that reason, applying for a payday loan does not affect your score in any way. However, failing to repay the loan will have a negative impact on your credit. By comparison, applying for a bank loan requires a minimum credit score, along with more complex eligibility criteria. Credit unions function on a membership-basis. For that reason, you have to be an active member besides having a qualifying score.

Terms and Interest

online same day loans The maximum payday loan term for Delaware residents is 60 days. Generally, lenders charge a fee ranging between $15 and $30 for every $100 you borrow. For example, if you take a $500 payday loan at a fee of $25, you will have to pay back $625. Your loan provider will offer you full disclosure on all the costs involved according to your specific application. The APR on payday loans depends on the loan amount and the lender. Based on statistics, the APR in Delaware can reach 25%.

As a borrow, you are allowed to take five loans per 12 months. With four allowed rollovers for each loan, payday loans in Delaware have a competitive edge compared to other states. The procedure involves agreeing with the loan provider to delay the repayment of the loan. The borrower must pay a fee for the privilege of postponing the debt.

Alternative Options

For non-urgent loans, traditional financial institutions offer funding opportunities for longer terms. As a rule, banks and credit unions will thoroughly investigate your credit score and use it as a leading factor in the loan decision. Therefore, building a good credit score before applying for an important loan is a recommended step. Other than that, borrowing from traditional loan providers usually takes more time than getting a short-term loan from a direct payday lender.

Loan Application Process

same day payday loans agreement To apply for a payday loan, complete the request form on our website. Once you submit your application, it reaches direct lenders. In case of approval, one of them will contact you using the details provided. After you carefully read the terms and conditions, you need to sign the agreement. By Delaware laws, you also have to provide your thumbprint to confirm your identity. The additional measure protects borrowers from fraud. Once you complete all the steps, the lender will deposit the requested sum into your bank account. In most cases, that happens on the same day. In case there are any delays or you sign the agreement closer to the bank’s cut-off time, the transaction will most likely be processed on the next business day.

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Responsible Borrowing & Legal Implications to Consider

We remind that Same Day Loans promotes a policy of Responsible Borrowing and Responsible Use of Loans. Note that payday advances are an expensive financial solution, so use them wisely.

It is very important for everyone who gets a loan to fully read over the terms and conditions before signing and submitting the contract. This contract will include the specific date when you must pay it back. If you don’t pay back your loan on time, the lender has every right to charge you late fees until you have covered the full debt amount. Please read the following information to learn the results of irresponsible borrowing.

Representative APR Range

There are multiple factors when it comes to the amount interest you are going to pay. APRs vary depending on lender’s requirements as well as on credit score and on location. For payday loans, you can pay an interest rate of anywhere from from 6.99% to 25%.

Those who have fair credit might end up having to pay a higher APR than those with good credit, though it depends entirely on lender. Also, some states have laws that allow higher interest rates. Anyone who wants a loan should understand that the APR is always high.

Implications of Late Payment

Those who do not repay the loan promptly, are subject to late fees. The cost of fees vary from lender to lender, but they are quite costly. Moreover, fees accumulate each day until amount is paid in full. Make a point of repaying loan amount on due date, and you will not encounter any of these additional fees. A late payment could also have a negative effect on credit as a whole.

Financial Implications of Non-Payment

There are financial implications of not repaying the loan amount you take out, including being charged multiple fees until you do so. Those who never repay the money will be indebted.

Collection Practices

The laws regarding collection practices for debt vary depending on your location. Most lenders will not sell your debt to outside collection agencies. They will instead attempt to collect the debt by contacting you via phone, email, or even text message. Nevertheless, please check lender’s terms and conditions for information about collection practices.

Impact on Credit Score

Not paying back the amount in full, will almost certainly sustain a negative hit to your credit history. It’s fully within the lender’s rights to report your failure to one or all the major credit reporting agencies.


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